All book sale proceeds
are donated to charity.

Walk Toward Wealth

The Two Investing Strategies Everyone Should Know

All book sale proceeds are donated to charity.

Investing can be a confusing and overwhelming concept

There is an overload of information about different investment strategies, news about the latest “hot stocks”, and a bunch of technical jargon. Unless you’ve spent years of your life studying the stock market, learning how it works and how to leverage it, it can be a dangerous game to play.

You could end up losing thousands of dollars!

We see this happen to too many hardworking, honest people. They want to invest and build wealth so they can make a better future for themselves and their family – the kind of wealth that lasts for generations after they’re gone. So they start learning, they follow the latest advice in the investment news, or trust a so-called “guru” to help them achieve their savings goals…and it all goes wrong. They lose their money, their confidence and become fearful of their financial future.
Investing isn’t all “doom and gloom” however…

With the correct advice and strategies, you CAN securely and steadily grow your wealth.

Focusing on fads and “get rich quick” stocks doesn’t work – you’re honestly better off playing the lottery and hoping to win a few million dollars. But there are two investing strategies that

DO work – they’ve proven themselves to stand the test of time and work consistently for creating long-lasting wealth. You don’t need to have years of investing experience or knowledge under your belt to apply these strategies either. 

So, what are these two strategies that everyone should know? Let me introduce them to you – and exactly how to apply them – in my brand new book “Walk Toward Wealth”.


Walk Toward Wealth

The Two Investing Strategies That Everyone Should Know

Hi there, I’m Kevin Simpson!

I’ve been a professional investor since 1992, working at firms such as W.H. Newbold’s Son & Co., Wheat First Butcher Singer (subsequently Wells Fargo), and, since 2015, I’ve been the Portfolio Manager of my own firm, Capital Wealth Planning, LLC. With all that experience in the investing world, I’ve seen and learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t for steady and safe wealth building.

As I’ve said previously, speculation and “hot stocks” won’t work – yes they work occasionally, but do you really want to leave your financial future up to “chance”? Instead, with my book “Walk Toward Wealth”, I will show you the investing strategies that have worked time and time again for myself, my firm’s clients, and countless others. These strategies aren’t drenched in the confusing jargon and politics that most investment news is either.

When you follow the exact steps and advice I give you, you will build an investment portfolio that can earn you:

  • Dividends from stocks owned
  • Capital appreciation if your stocks rise in value
  • A premium (cash received from investors who buy the options your write or sell)

With those 3 different streams coming from your investments, not only is your money secure and safe, but you can experience more abundance both now and later in life.

Imagine the feeling of confidence from knowing that no matter what, you have a rock-solid portfolio that will take care of you and your family financially for years.

Picture all the amazing things you could do in your later life such as traveling the world, helping to pay your grandkids’ college tuition, and more, without stressing about it! It’s all possible when you learn the two investment strategies inside my book “Walk Toward Wealth”. I’m not a self-proclaimed investment guru or anyone special.
I’m just a professional investor who’s learned what works and wants to share it with the world to help others.

Let me help you and change your entire financial life forever with these strategies – I promise you’ll never look back once you do.

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About The Author

Kevin Simpson is the founder and chief investment officer of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC.

He graduated The George Washington University majoring in Finance, and since the start of his career in 1992, he’s worked at some of the world’s largest firms including W.H. Newbold’s Son & Co. and Wheat First Butcher Singer (subsequently Wells Fargo).

Now, with his book “Walk Toward Wealth”, Kevin is sharing his years of investment knowledge and experience to help anyone to build long-lasting wealth and achieve financial security.