Walk Toward Wealth

The two investing strategies everyone should know.

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A welcome message from Kevin's Book Launch Director, Amber Vilhauer:

WELCOME FRIENDS! Kevin and I are so excited to connect!

If you’re new to Kevin, you’re in for a treat! Kevin is a kind, witty, and highly respected investment advisor, turned author, who’s looking to make an impact in the financial space.

Below you will find options for how you can support Kevin’s launch… and it’s MY job to make sure we come up with creative opportunities for YOU to get a lot more exposure for your business during his launch because my #1 priority as a Book Launch Director is to create powerful win-wins.

A Message From Kevin

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How This Launch Relates To You...

We know it’s YOU that business owners need most. If we arm you with the latest and most innovative information that creates business transformation then you can impact a greater amount of individuals. If there’s one thing to know about Kevin, he’s rooted in total goodness.

For now, we have one small ask: Bookmark this page (you’ll want to keep coming back to it!) and keep your eyes open for email communication from me.

I highly respect your time, so I won’t send you unnecessary updates, but you will want to be alert when I send you time-sensitive opportunities that allow you to WIN through our launch process. More to come!

Amber Vilhauer
Book Launch Director

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We are working hard to systematize several options for your involvement including live streaming, podcasting, viral activities and more. Amber will notify you when all options are available for your review!

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  1. Investing can seem confusing and overwhelming if you aren't a pro. Luckily, you can avoid the pitfalls of investing and start building your wealth solo or thru an advisor when you follow the strategies inside Kevin Simpson's new book, #WalkTowardWealth. Check it out today: walktowardwealth.com

  2. #WalkTowardWealth by Kevin Simpson is an excellent and practical book that makes investing easier for you! Order your copy today and learn how to build your wealth systematically with two tried and established strategies. walktowardwealth.com

  3. Want to get your money to work for you and build long-lasting wealth? Then check out #WalkTowardWealth by Kevin Simpson. He has been an investment professional since 1992, learning what works and what doesn't, and he's sharing it all inside the book. walktowardwealth.com

  4. Do you want to grow your wealth and be able to maintain yourself and your family outside of your job? Then check out #WalkTowardWealth by Kevin Simpson! He'll show you the two time-tested and established strategies that individuals and advisors can use to build a rock-solid portfolio with less worry and stress. walktowardwealth.com

  5. Many people want to get into investing, but they don't know where to start. If you're one of those people, you need to check out #WalkTowardWealth by Kevin Simpson. Using his nearly 30 years of professional experience, he'll show you strategies for building your portfolio so you can create a better financial future for yourself and your family. walktowardwealth.com

Twitter Posts:

  1. #WalkTowardWealth is a must-read for anyone who wants to build a varied approach to long-lasting wealth outside of one’s job or business. Check it out here: walktowardwealth.com

  2. Kevin Simpson is a true leader when it comes to investing with almost 30 years of experience. If you want to learn how to build wealth, read his new book: walktowardwealth.com

  3. Readers can now learn how to securely grow their wealth thanks to Kevin Simpson's new book #WalkTowardWealth. Get your copy today: walktowardwealth.com

Sample Email #1

Subject Line Ideas

  • Two Investment Strategies Everyone Should Know
  • How to confidently "Walk Toward Wealth"
  • Confused By Investing? Read this email...

Body Copy


Investing can be confusing and overwhelming, right?

Maybe you want to grow your wealth and build financial security for yourself and your family, but you don't know where to start.

And when you try to find advice out there from investment news and so-called "gurus," it's full of complicated jargon that makes it even worse!

Luckily, there are two amazing, established strategies for investing that anyone can use to steadily and securely build wealth.

My good friend and professional investor, Kevin Simpson, reveals these strategies and exactly how to do them in his new book, "Walk Toward Wealth."

==> Learn The Two Investing Strategies That Everyone Should Know

Kevin Simpson has been an investment professional since 1992 and is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC.

With all his experience in the investing world, he's learned and experienced what works and what doesn't for building long-lasting wealth that'll reward you and your family for generations to come.

In "Walk Toward Wealth," Kevin will teach you two investment strategies that have stood the test of time and don't rely on risky "hot stocks" or "get rich quick" hacks.

==> Learn The Two Investing Strategies That Everyone Should Know

By following Kevin's strategies, you can build a portfolio that'll make your money work for you, even if you have no prior investing knowledge or experience.

You'll be able to feel more confident in your financial future and your ability to take care of your family in a variety of market conditions..

Imagine the freedom, abundance, and sense of security you'd have if you knew these strategies would lessen your money-related worries.

You can have all that when you order your copy of "Walk Toward Wealth" today and apply the strategies inside.

Kind regards,



Sample Email #2

Subject Line Ideas

Want to grow your wealth?

How To Build Wealth Solo or using an Advisor The real secret to building wealth

Body Copy


Do you want to grow your wealth and experience more abundance in your life?

Maybe you've tried to get into investing, but you're confused about where to start, or you've been burned in the past by poorly informed choices and are scared to get back into it.

Whatever stage you're at, you need to read the new book, "Walk Toward Wealth" written by my good friend Kevin Simpson.

Kevin has been an investment professional since 1992 and is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC.

In "Walk Toward Wealth", he will teach two investment strategies to build wealth that have stood the test of time and don't rely on risky "hot stocks" or "get rich quick" hacks.

When you apply these strategies, you will learn to build a portfolio that earns you ...

  • Dividends from stocks owned

  • Capital appreciation if your stocks rise in value

  • A premium (cash received from investors who buy the options your write or sell)

With these 3 different returns coming from your investments, not only will your income be received and spendable but your capital appreciation isn’t taxed until you decide in most accounts and safe, but you can experience more abundance now and later in life.

==> Order Your Copy Of "Walk Toward Wealth" Today

You don't need any prior experience or extensive investment knowledge to make your money work for you and build long-lasting wealth.

You certainly don't need to focus on the latest fads and politics of the investment world, either.

Simply order your copy of "Walk Toward Wealth" today and allow Kevin Simpson to show you two strategies that are proven to create a rock-solid financial future for you and your family.

Best of luck in the future,






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